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Here Comes Santa Claus

The Holiday season is here and we like to have a lot of family fun!  Food, school, family activities, and lots of time at home resting with our loved ones.  Here are some upcoming events to watch out for here at the school!

Friday, December 15th

Crazy Hair Embellishments Day

Monday, December 18th

Hats and Socks Shenanigans

Tuesday, December 19th

Grinchy Mischief

Wednesday, December 20th

Wild, Weird and Wacky Sweater Day

Thursday, December 21st

Jammy Day High-Jinks and Early Release

Friday, December 22nd - January 8th

NO SCHOOL Winter Break


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Santa is gearing up his reindeer!

When Thanksgiving ends the fun dosn't stop there!  We will continue to keep the family fun and school activities going through the New Year.  Please keep an eye out for any information sent out by your student's teachers.

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