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School Activities

After School Clubs

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Sneak a Peak.JPG


It's a party!  Sneak-a-peak is a chance to meet your students' teachers and other staff members in a relaxed, fun, backyard barbecue setting.  Listening to music, dancing and eating whatever is coming off the grill.

Culinary Classroom.jpg


Upper E transforms one of our classrooms into a stunning dining room setting, prepares a three course holiday meal, and even learn basic restaurant duties.

3d printer.jpeg


Students interact with coding procedures, have the opportunity to fly drones and even create classroom projects on state of the art 3D printers.

Souper Feast (2).JPG

Souper Feast

Our school's Thanksgiving feast!  Parents, staff and students all coordinate together to bring all their favorite soups for everyone to enjoy and eat like a big Montessori family.  No one goes hungry.

Walk a Thon.jpg


A fundraiser for our school, students walk our nearby walking trail to encourage exercise and fun outdoor activities.

spell a thon.jpg


What's all the buzz about?  Our second fundraiser of the year, the annual Spell-a-Thon where all grades dress like bees and showcase their skills learned throughout the year.



Kinder through sixth grade celebrate and teach each other about our important figures and history of the great state of Nevada.

pjs and crazy hair.jpg

Pajama and crazy hair day

Days before holiday breaks, we like to relax!  Eat popcorn, homemade snacks and watch movies in the comfort of pajamas, you don't even need to comb your hair! (but please brush your teeth)

Veterans Day.jpg

Veterans Day Celebration

A celebration of our armed forces!  Families and staff members that wish to participate will be celebrated for their past or present service!  Roll call starts at morning assembly.

Chili Cook Off.jpg

Nevada Day Chili Cook Off

Things are heating up!  For our Nevada Day celebration, kinder through Upper E work together in their individual classes to bring in the best ingredients to compete for the Chili Trophy in the annual Montessori Chili Cook Off.  As part of our partnership with the Carson City Fire Department and Carson City Sheriffs Department, we are privileged to have members from both to judge our classroom chili.


Critter and Cat Day

Just like it sounds, students are encouraged to bring in those kitties and critters from home that they are so passionate about.

Dog Day.JPG

Dog Day

Just like cat and critter day, only just for our furry K9 friends.  All friendly dogs are welcome to attend a small parade and showcase their best friends.

Egg Drop.jpg

Egg Drop

Upper E students brain storm in small teams to use physics and shear creativity to protect an egg that falls from heights up to 30 ft.

100th day of school.jpg

100th Day Celebration

One hundred this, one hundred that, it's all things one hundred on our 100th day of school. Students and staff are encouraged to dress like they are 100 years old or bring in 100 things they love.  Just nothing too big!

Student Legislative Team.JPG

Student Legislative Team

Teaming up and working together, students work with local government officials all the way up to our state governor working on current bills to be passed, including attending legislative sessions.  Recent projects include the passing of assembly bill 182 to make neon our official state element.  See the full story here!


Heritage Celebrations

A celebration of diversity and culture.  We want to know about you!  Students educate their classes about their family heritage with, food, family heirlooms or anything that makes you, you!

Field Day.jpg

Field Day

School is out for summer!  This is our last day of school and is full of summer fun.  Water balloons, bounce house, karaoke and much more.  Prepared to get soaked and have some summer fun!

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