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After School Clubs

Please contact the front office for more information

Maker's Club

Ran by our Upper E team, Maker's Club is held after school a couple days a week.  Pick the days you would like to attend depending on what is being made that day.  From ice cream and cotton candy to model rockets and planes, Maker's Club has opportunities for everyone.

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Sewing Club

Mrs. Pellant is our expert seamstress for our Sewing Club.  Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can learn or help teach or even just tighten up the skills you already know.

Art Club

Sue Pedersen, a published artist, gathers students to teach technique, art history and color theory among other things.  From beginner to advanced skill levels, everyone is welcome.

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Reading Club

A student led reading club.  After school this club groups together to talk about events that took place in chapters recently explored in the books decided by the group!  Each day is a different age group.  Contact the front office for more information.

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