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Things to know about us

Things You Should Know About Us

Committed to Education

Carson Montessori School is a free, public charter school, nestled in the foothills of Carson City and it is quickly becoming Northern Nevada's sparkling educational gem.  It is a little green school house enriched by the philosophies and teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori.  It has a solid curriculum, beautiful Montessori equipment, and a new play yard, where the laughter of happy children fills the air daily.  An acre of sage brush, just perfect for nature walks, sits right across the street and each morning as our students respond to the sound of a gentle chime, we focus on the magnificent sunrise breaking into Carson's Eagle Valley. 

Rhymes, fascinating facts, headline news and alliterative word play peppers our morning greeting.  Many mornings 5th and 6th graders, who serve as student leaders and guides, hold the hands of their Kindergarten buddies.  Songs, movement exercises and a flag ceremony lead us to morning circle through a dining room with cloth table cloths, fresh flowers and stations where students prepare their own lunches.  Our classrooms are open and we use lamps, teal green accent walls and plants to naturalize the environment.

Carson Montessori led the Carson City School District by having 100% student-led parent conferences.  Our portfolio system of assessment has been launched and a full writing and reading program, that is Montessori enhanced, is in place.  Montessori materials are abundant in every classroom.  Teaching staff members are highly qualified, Nevada licensed teachers with Montessori training and the arts are spinning to life with our resident artist/photographer.

Right now, Carson Montessori School is the best kept secret in Carson City.  As a free public school, we are a perfect blend of Montessori and a standards-based curriculum.  Here is an opportunity to get the very best of both worlds.  We are a school with thoughtful humanitarianism, nurturing guidance, discipline with dignity and good old fashioned learning-fun.  These elements have created a school community that is both respectful and productive.  Students are thriving at Carson Montessori and that feeling of Montessori style peace and calm, which so often is missing in today's world, is alive and well.  If you are seeking a learning environment that promotes hands-on learning, surrounds your child with positive, warm support and sparks the wonder and curiosity that ignites your child's passion for life-long learning; Carson Montessori definitely should be your school of choice.

What Makes Us Unique

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Student Led Conferences

Student led conferences are a way for your student to show and shine their accomplishments and experiences in their own unique way.


School Portfolios

Knowing your student inside and out is our priority.  This is done by an in school portfolio that follows your student from Kindergarten to Upper Elementary collecting all their hard work and creations.

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Class Philanthropies

Our classes offer multiple options to support our community.  Such as, clothing and food drives, local disaster relief, Toys for Tots, a Veterans Day poppy sale, a local Karma Box and more.

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